Children’s Choir

Introduce your child to music in a positive and team-building environment

Group singing at the Melodique Children’s Choir is fun, social, and educational. Book an introductory session for your child today!

The Melodique Children’s Choir

Every Wednesday

Suite 4 / 70 Market Street, Wollongong

The Melodique Children’s Choir is a fun and social way to introduce your child to music. Any child aged five (5) and above can join our choir and enjoy group singing with songs, vocal exercises, and musical games.

Group singing is a wonderful way to boost your child’s confidence, help them to make new friends, and experience learning in an exciting and creative environment.

The sessions are held weekly during each school term at our Wollongong studio, Wednesday’s 5:00-5:30pm. You can book your child for their introductory session at any time by clicking the button below.

We hope to see you in studio soon!

MELODIQUE Children’s Choir FAQs:

Can I use my Creative Kids Voucher to pay for the choir? Yes you can, but not for your initial session purchased here online. If you decide to continue, you can have your voucher credited to your choir term invoice. Please note there are no refunds or credits given for any unused value of any submitted Creative Kids Voucher.

Can I drop my child off and return after the choir session is over? If your child is 6 years or under we ask that you remain on premises for the duration of the session.

Do I have to bring my child along every week? We offer a trial session so that you can decide if the MELODIQUE Children’s Choir is right for you. If you do decide to continue on however, we require a weekly commitment to the Wednesday sessions till the close of the current school term (or ‘payment season’). Of course, if you or your child are unable to make it along to any session for any reason we understand, but we do not provide credit or refund in any of these cases. Your payment commitment allows us to contract the services of the choir tutor who in turn makes a weekly commitment to the sessions for the term.

Book your child now for their first MELODIQUE Children’s Choir session!

Is your child not ready to join a choir just yet?

Book a private vocal lesson with us instead.

Book a private music lesson with one of our expert tutors to help your child learn and prepare to sing amongst their peers. Perhaps they are feeling shy, do better with one-on-one support, are anxious in larger groups, or you simply prefer to them to development their vocal technique first.

Music Gift Vouchers

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