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Melodique Music School is Wollongong’s premium vocal, piano, flute, guitar and performance coaching service welcoming students of all ages and stages. Participate in lessons face-to-face at our studio or online via Skype. Private or group lessons are available. Join our adult choir or enroll your child in our weekly or holiday singing group. Tuition takes place weekly, Mon-Sat, during each school term. Be goal-focused, or simply learn for fun and relaxation.

All Melodique Music School tutors have their Working With Children Check, and are trained and professional musicians. We pride ourselves here on making lessons fun, personable, educational, and student orientated.

You don’t need to bring or prepare anything for your first lesson. We’ll chat about any experience you might’ve had and what you’d like to achieve, then progress through some simple exercises to get you started!

Book your discounted introductory lesson or inquire now! Call 0422 606 639 or email admin@melodique.com.au.

“‘Melodique’ is a positive learning environment promoting self-confidence, creativity and success.”

-Learn correct technique-

-Learn to read music-

-Develop technical and performance skills-

-Increase confidence-

-Correct posture and strengthen-

-Learn songs & develop your repertoire-

-Prepare for a special performance, recording or exam-
(HSC, Eisteddfods, auditions, studio-time, etc)

-Develop as an artist-

-Learn how to perform on stage-
(Presentation, microphone technique, etc)

-Improve your networking & access more performance opportunities-

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  • Mission

    To teach, to grow and to inspire.

  • Philosophy

    Patience and positive affirmation are central to our method. Encouragement and confidence building are key to effective learning.

  • Tradition

    Modern, progressive and personalized service.

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Andrea Wells (Owner & tutor)


‘Melodique’ provides singing lessons, piano lessons, flute lessons, guitar lessons, performance training, music theory coaching and artist development training. Participate in lessons face-to-face or online via Skype. Private or group lessons are available. Join our adult choir or enroll your child in our weekly or holiday singing group!

  • Singing Lessons

    Learn how to sing for the first time or improve on your current technique. Sing just for fun or prepare for a performance. Melodique vocal lessons will help develop your voice technically and stylistically. Experience how core strength, posture, the shape of your mouth, and fine muscle movements can all contribute to the power and tone of your voice. Learn your favorite songs and discover how specialized breathing and scale exercises can help you sing them better. Find your voice!

    Adults and children alike are welcome. We tutor beginners to advanced students.

    We also specialize is HSC music exam preparations and can even arrange accompaniment.

    Parents, your child can learn to sing in a positive environment and will flourish with patience, support and constant encouragement. We can design a learning plan in preparation for a particular performance, or simply progress at your child’s own pace.  The lessons are made fun and interactive, whilst of course being effective and educational.

    You can choose between private lessons, duo or group lessons. Join one of our singing groups or organize lessons with a friend or two! Private lessons are appropriate for the more serious students, whilst the groups make a more social experience.

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  • Piano Lessons

    Have you always wanted to play piano? Perhaps you would like your child to learn? It is never too late to begin.

    Learn how to read music, understand the keys on the piano, develop rhythm and technique, play a particular piece you have in mind and continue on to establish a repertoire that suits your musical style. For the more creative, learn how to song-write or accompany yourself.

    ‘Melodique’ is not a high pressure environment and you or your child may progress at a pace that suits. If you feel comfortable we can plan a performance – whether simply in studio to friends and family, or publicly at a competition or venue.

    For the more advanced student, the lessons will involve improving technique, developing personal musical style, and information on how to perform on stage, engage an audience, work in an ensemble and progress in the music industry.

    We cater to all level — beginners right up to 8th grade level.

    We can can also prepare you for grade exams or HSC music exams.

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  • Flute Lessons

    Experience how core strength, posture, the shape of your mouth, and fine muscle movements can all contribute to the power and tone of your playing. Learn to read music and develop your musicianship. Explore classical and modern musical styles. Develop your performance skills and grow as both a soloist and as part of an ensemble.

    All ages and stages are welcome.

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  • Rhythm Guitar Lessons

    We are now tutoring beginners of all ages rhythm guitar. You do not need to own a guitar to attend! Try it out, and see if it’s the instrument for you or your child.

    Learn basic chord structures, scales, technique, theory, and songs. Understand the strings, and how different actions can create different tones.

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  • The Children’s Choir

    Does your child love to sing? Our kid’s choir is a brilliant way to contribute to their musical education. In a fun and social environment, they learn to sing in pitch, sing harmonies, learn songs, breathe correctly, and project their voices. Not only do they have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, but are also learning work as a team.

    The genre of the songs sung is varied purposely to give each child a more broad musical experience. Though they are group sessions, careful attention is paid to ensure each child is given individual voice coaching where required – so no one falls behind or feels left out.

    The choir runs all year round and is also part of a holiday program at ‘Melodique’. Join during a school term, or during the school holidays.

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  • The Adult’s Choir

    Come to our weekly sing-a-long! The ‘Melodique Gleeks’ is a fun and social environment where you can meet other local people who are passionate about music and singing. Sing out loudly or softly as you please without any judgement or worries!

    We will decide on the songs we are going to sing together as a group, and cover a variety of musical genres. You will learn about melody and harmony, basic vocal technique, and your vocal range and classification.

    The choir runs all year, but you can join at any time. If you like, you can come caroling with us at Christmas!

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  • image development

    Image Development

    You do not have to be a professional singer to be interested in image development. Your image as a vocalist is intertwined with your personal image and so it is often a case of getting to know yourself better! It is built around your likes and dislikes and how you want people to see you. In some students it can be a case of establishing an alter ego or an aspirational self.

    Image development involves a comprehensive look at your choices of songs, genre, clothing, hairstyle, and make-up, and aligns them to your goals. Does your outfit choice suit the genre of music you like to sing? Does your song choice clearly convey who you are as an artist? Does your repertoire suits the venue you’d like to perform in? There is much to consider! Let us help you decide.

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  • Performance Training

    Learning how to perform does not necessarily mean you will immediately take to the stage! Performance training involves confidence building, learning how to interpret and relate to lyrics, and establishing a repertoire that suits your style and highlights your vocal strengths. Once you feel you are ready you can then plan your first performance.

    If you are ready to perform, have a particular performance coming up, or perform regularly already, then our performance training will suit you even more so. Learn how to properly prepare for the stage and the tricks to overcome “performance jitters”.  Be taught microphone technique and how to properly address an audience. Discover how posture, your position on stage, your movements, your dress, and your song choices can all contribute to the performance of your dreams!

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Book your discounted introductory lesson! Call 0422 606 639 or email admin@melodique.com.au.

Why have singing lessons?

Here are some fantastic reasons why singing lessons are a good idea!


Confidence building

  • confidence
  • The voice is the most personal musical instrument of all, and so to be able to use it well and express yourself through it can do wonders for your self-esteem. Singing techniques such as diction, projection, good posture and breath control can even improve your speaking voice, promoting better communication. Good posture in itself can help you feel more self-assured. As the voice increases in power and certainty, often so does ones gravitas.


Stress relief

  • relax
  • Feeling a little on edge? Well take some time out for yourself and your busy lifestyle and sing away your worries. Discover how the deep breathing techniques taught here can help you cope with feelings of anxiety.


Postural improvement

  • posture
  • Posture affects your breathing, and in turn affects your voice. At ‘Melodique’ your posture is assessed and you will receive advice on how to adjust it to best support your singing. With each lesson you will become more aware of your postural habits and learn how to change them.


Impress your friends and family!

  • party
  • Can you imagine surprising your friends with your new and improved voice at karaoke? Do your family yell at you every time you “bust out” in the shower? Come and learn some proper technique and hear your voice become better than it’s ever been before!

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