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Please see below for our pricing. Gift Vouchers are also available.

  • Lesson Prices

    The below pricing applies to all music lessons.

    Obligation-Free Trial Private Lesson (1st Lesson only):

    • 30 mins $30.00 inc. GST
    • 60 mins $60.00 inc. GST

    Private Lessons – Post Trial – Enrolled (Includes 10% Term Discount):

    • 30 mins $41.40 + GST 
    • 60 mins $82.80 + GST

    Email or call 0422 606 639 to get started.

  • Choir Prices

    • Please inquire.

    For more information, visit the ‘Vocal Ensemble‘ or ‘Children’s Choir‘ page.

    Email or call 0422 606 639 to get started.

  • Special Deals



    Email or call 0422 606 639 to get started.

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Your sessions take place in-person at either our West Wollongong or Wollongong CBD studio. We are also conveniently an online service. 

To get started, it is simply a matter of arranging a time and date for your obligation free trial. Email or call 0422 606 639 with your inquiry, or fill-out the below billing form to book immediately.

All students participate in an obligation-free trial initially. Post-trial they can decide to enrol for the remainder of the current term.

We are open 5 days a week, Mon-Fri, by appointment, and can tutor from as early as 7:00 am to as late as 10:00 pm.

Gift vouchers are also available for purchase online by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

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Required if student 16 or under.
Required if student 16 or under.
E.g. Vocals, piano, violin, flute, saxophone, clarinet
This selection is especially relevant to students choosing instruments such as the violin, guitar, flute, or clarinet. It not relevant to students choosing piano or vocals. N.B. We loan instruments for in-lesson use only. If you need to purchase or rent an instrument for at home practise we can advise on where and how to arrange it externally – just ask!
Melodique’s online options mean that we are able to welcome students from all over the world!
You are by no means obligated to share any health concerns, but you are welcome to if you feel relevant to your tutor or ability to learn your chosen instrument.
Lesson books you’ve learned from, resources you’ve used, or music pieces you’ve been playing or singing, if any.
N.B. We will be in contact with you to arrange your booking at a day and time that fits your requirements. We can generally arrange your first lesson within 7 days!
We are proud to be able to to deliver our services either in-person or online, especially in the case of any coronavirus exposure, illness, or government mandated isolation. Our 24hr notice period in context to cancellation stands irregardless of the reason for cancellation.

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