Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

Learn how to sing for the first time or improve your current technique. Sing just for fun or prepare for a performance. ‘Melodique’ vocal lessons will help develop your voice technically and stylistically. Experience how core strength, posture, the shape of your mouth, and fine muscle movements can all contribute to the power and tone of your voice. Learn your favorite songs and discover how specialized breathing and scale exercises can help you sing them better. Find your voice!

You or your child can learn to sing in a positive environment and will flourish with patience, support, and constant encouragement. We can design a learning plan in preparation for a particular performance, or simply progress at your’s or your child’s own pace.  The lessons are made fun and interactive, whilst of course, being effective and educational.

We also specialize in HSC music exam preparations and can even arrange accompaniment.

We tutor all ages and stages; beginners to advanced. Adults and children alike are welcome at ‘Melodique’.

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Why have singing lessons?

Here are some fantastic reasons why singing lessons are a good idea!


Confidence building

  •  The voice is the most personal musical instrument of all, and so to be able to use it well and express yourself through it can do wonders for your self-esteem. Singing techniques such as diction, projection, good posture, and breath control can even improve your speaking voice, promoting better communication. Good posture in itself can help you feel more self-assured. As the voice increases in power and certainty, often so does one’s gravitas.


Stress relief