Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons

Learn to play the violin

Return to the instrument or learn to play the violin for the first time. Develop an ear for pitch and the technical skills to play this beautiful and adaptable instrument. Learn to read music and explore any musical style. At ‘Melodique’ you can fine-tune your performance skills and grow as both a soloist and as part of an ensemble. Learn for enjoyment or prepare for the stage or examinations.

‘Melodique’ is not a high-pressure environment and you or your child may progress at a pace that suits. Of course, if you feel comfortable we can plan a performance – whether simply in the studio to friends and family, or publicly at a competition or venue.

You or your child can learn in a positive environment and will flourish with patience, support, and constant encouragement. Our lessons are made fun and interactive, whilst of course, being effective and educational.

We can also help prepare you for AMEB grade exams or HSC music exams.

All ages and stages are welcome. ‘Melodique’ tutors are trained to cater to adults, teens, and children from age 5.

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