Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble


*** Due to the Covid19 restrictions ‘Melodique’ is currently not running any group activities. Feel free however to express your interest in our choir via email, so that we can contact you when normal activities presume. ***


The Melodique Vocal Ensemble runs weekly at our Market Street, Wollongong venue Wednesday evenings 7:30pm-8:30pm during NSW school terms.

(To check the dates of the NSW school terms, click here.)

Our group is open to anyone ages 17 and up and of any level of experience.

It is $10 for your first visit, and only $5 thereafter billed for the remainder of the current term (1 to 11 weeks). Therefore, the absolute maximum amount you’ll pay per term is $60!

Group singing is fun and social, and a great way to de-stress and feel happy! Come and join us.

To get started, please email admin@melodique.com.au or call 0422 606 639.