Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We are proud of the service we offer at MELODIQUE, and here are just a few outstanding reasons why:

  • We are a team of tutors, who share our knowledge, expertise, and years of industry experience to support each other and each every one of our students

  • We have a focus on ‘positive learning’ and mental health. Clearly we are in education, but the happiness and wellness of our students is of the highest priority. Music is meant to enjoyed and shared.

  • Every student receives their own ‘Melodique Membership Folder’ as a gift from us. Each folder contains specific pages that help students: i) goal set – weekly, by term, yearly, and long term, ii) brainstorm song ideas and build repertoire, iii) make lesson notes, iv) understand how to structure practise sessions at home, v) keep a record of specific exercises, vi) acknowledge and celebrate achievements, and more!!

  • We have beautiful rooms and take pride in the presentation and cleanliness of each studio space. Our tutors dress professionally and also take pride in their presentation. We aim to provide a more boutiquestyle experience.

  • You don’t need to own an instrument to participate in lessons here! We are happy to loan any instrument you require in a session.

  • If you are interested in the piano, we are exceptionally proud to offer you the use of a grand piano at our Market St. studio!

  • We are completely student-focused. Our students and parents have an incredibly broad range of ideals, and we vow to support you or your child in whatever it is you wish to achieve. Some are very highly driven and aim to participate in AMEB examinations, some have specific performance or recording goals, and some simply want to relax and enjoy the learning process. Our tutors are trained to be sensitive to each circumstance and we adapt the lessons to suit each individual.

  • We are blessed to be able to have an annual ‘EOY Melodique Showcase’! At the end of every year, we hire a professional stage space for our students and put on a grand show. Last year as a gift we gave each participating student professional photos and video of their performances —normally worth hundreds of dollars, but we gave them away for free! We also gave away a $100 recording prize to one lucky student. We love being able to provide top-notch experiences like this to our students on a yearly basis.

  • We also provide other incentives to students such as small gifts for achieving sets of weekly goals, cash-back prizes to nominated ‘Star Students’, and optional performance experiences.

Book your discounted introductory lesson or inquire now! Call 0422 606 639 or email admin@melodique.com.au.

“‘Melodique’ is a positive learning environment promoting self-confidence, creativity, and success.”