How much does a lesson cost?

Private lesson prices start from $36. Discounted rates are available if you book and pay for a term. Discounts are also available for families and groups. Our choir fees range depending on how many sessions you commit to.

How long does a lesson go for?

You may choose between 30 minute, 45 minute and a 1 hour lessons. Choir sessions are an hour.

Do I have to commit to lessons weekly?

Your first lesson is considered an obligation-free trial. If you decide you would like to continue you are then expected to commit on a weekly basis for the duration of the term, however lessons can be cancelled or rescheduled with no fuss provided adequate notice is given. (Of course there will be times when you will be away or ill.)

What if I am nervous about getting lessons?!

‘Melodique’ lessons are built around confidence building and you will not be pushed to do anything you are not ready for. There is no pressure to sing in the first few lessons if you prefer not to and you can simply begin with posture and breathing exercises. The lessons progress at a pace that suits you. No experience is required.

I only want to play/sing for fun, is that o.k.?

Of course! Come along and simply take the opportunity to play or sing your heart out. Be as silly or as serious as you like. You can even bring a friend to a singing lesson! (Special pricing is available for groups.)

I have been playing/singing for a long time so what can ‘Melodique’ offer me?

‘Melodique’ specializes in performance training and artist development. You will be amazed at how your overall presentation and confidence lifts with just a few lessons. Timing, stage presence, image and body language are just some examples of often forgotten aspects of a quality performance.

If you are a singer, the techniques taught revolving around posture, core strength, the relaxation of the larynx and the lifting of the soft palate will take your vocal capacity to the next level. I am constantly surprised to discover supposedly experienced students who do not truly understand how the voice or the body operates to sing, or who have not even covered the basics. It is actually possible that you’ve been taught wrong! Achieve what you’ve never achieved before —┬áincrease your range, increase your volume, prevent voice-loss or “huskiness”, stylize your voice to suit a specific genre, and discover new tones and sounds. Even if you are indeed well advanced you will certainly benefit from the performance training, image development, and industry advice available.

How do I get to the studio?

‘Melodique’ is located on Mount Keira Road, West Wollongong. Upon appointment you will receive the full address. Parking is no issue with plenty of parking available on Hurt Street and surrounds.

What do I bring to lessons?

Yourself, an A4 display folder and a USB. If you are a piano student, you may later be required to purchase and bring along a particular piano book, however you will be notified of this after your first lesson.


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